The working principle of the wood dryer

Publish Time: 2023-02-17
Wood chips enter the wood chip dryer by the spray pipe and the rotary cylinder work together, the material boils and fluidizes in the cylinder, and the hot air fully touches the material to complete the drying.

Wood special hot air (steam) drying equipment, can dry a variety of tree species, various specifications, a variety of uses of wood, with high efficiency and energy saving, safe and reliable, short drying cycle, good drying quality, low drying cost and other advantages, widely used in large, medium and small wood processing enterprises, especially suitable for wood products export business manufacturers. 

HXM series wood drying equipment, in normal operation, the fuel in the combustion chamber full combustion, generate heat energy, in the thermal energy drying system is fully absorbed by the drying medium, produce a temperature of about 180 degrees Celsius, under the action of the circulating fan, high temperature air flow through the control system, conveying system, the high temperature hot air is transported to the drying room to dry the wood. 

At the same time, the steam generation device on the equipment can produce a large amount of atmospheric steam, which can send steam into the drying room in a timely manner according to the requirements of the drying process, and spray and regulate the wood, and the humidity control system is an independent steam system with safety devices. Saturated wet steam can make the surface temperature and internal humidity of the wood tend to be consistent in a short time, so as to achieve the purpose of drying the wood inside and outside at the same time, for solid, heavy hard and thick wood, intermittent heating and drying process can be used, which solves the defects of internal cracking, end cracking, deformation and other defects in the drying process of wood, so that the yield of high-quality wood is greatly improved. The wood drying equipment is equipped with a heat recovery system, which greatly reduces the drying cost and shortens the drying cycle. 

When the moisture content of the wood drops below 15%, after 6-8 hours of high temperature dry steaming, all the moths and eggs parasitic in the wood can be eliminated, which solves the adverse effects caused by borers and improves the economic benefits for the enterprise.


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