Advantages and characteristics of tobacco dryer equipment drying

Publish Time: 2023-01-11
 Tobacco dryer equipment is to adopt the principle of heat pump dryer to absorb heat in the outside air to dry tobacco leaves, the drying process of the equipment is no pollutants to discharge, tobacco dryer is a green drying equipment.

Advantages of tobacco dryer equipment when drying tobacco leaves:

High efficiency
The beginning of drying are artificial combustion to control the temperature, because by the tobacco farmer's burning skills, physiological characteristics (rest), combustion data quality and processing quality and other factors affect the temperature control and can not meet the baking skill requirements, resulting in unstable drying quality, Xiongxin heat pump tobacco leaf dryer adopts independent intellectual property rights of heat pump drying process, accurate temperature control difference of 1 °C, thereby greatly ensuring the drying quality, indirectly improving economic benefits.

When drying using flammable materials or gases are produced by open flame, there may be fire leakage to form incineration, resulting in huge losses. The heat pump drying equipment is installed outside the baking room, and the heat is completely transferred from the refrigerant to the inside of the baking room, and there is no open flame in the baking room and it is definitely safe to arrive.

Low operating costs
High efficiency and low cost of work. Compared with the general monotonous equipment (air temperature into the monotonous chamber> 40 °C), because the initial investment of heat pump dryer is generally higher than that of air electric heating equipment, gas or coal-fired hot blast furnace, so the initial investment of monotonous equipment is generally higher than that of general monotonous equipment, heat pump dryer monotonous equipment has high power efficiency, low working costs, and its induction economy has considerable advantages

Summary: When the tobacco dryer equipment is drying, the main heat source is to absorb the air heat in the outside world to dry the tobacco leaves without pollutant discharge during the drying process, the advantages of tobacco dryer drying are mainly high drying efficiency, safe and intelligent drying of tobacco leaves, and low operating costs of drying.


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